Mansergh-Stuessy Fund

Grants Awarded


Macalester College, DeWitt Wallace Library

Creating a Sustainable Framework and Toolkit for Open Textbooks and Open Education Resources
Abstract:  This project is to develop a sustainable framework and resource toolkit to help faculty in the creation and adoption of open textbooks and other open educational resources.  The objective of this proposal is to spur development and use of open textbooks in Macalester classrooms by creating on-campus documentation, resources, and services that will eliminate obstacles that deter faculty from considering open textbook adoption/creation.  In order to accomplish this goal, we intend to support and document a specific project that is currently being developed on campus: an open-access curriculum for first-year German language students.

Hamline University, Mathematics Department

Curriculum for Addressing Math Anxiety through Service-Learning

 Abstract:  This project aims to provide opportunities for Hamline students to apply their learned mathematical concepts with children and thereby grounding their own mathematical knowledge for a concrete mathematical foundation. We are proposing to provide opportunities to these students to visit elementary/middle school classrooms and work with children and to see how mathematics is not just only about numbers, mathematics is about reasoning, logical thinking, and simplifying real life situations and creating solutions. We believe college students will learn some life-long skills through this service experience -- collaboration, leadership, time management, taking responsibility, decision making, event planning, and understanding of societal issues and thinking about solutions to those issues. 

Hamline University, Office of Sustainability  

The Community Food Learning Field Guides Collaboration

Abstract:  This project responds to requests from community partners to build better methods for orienting students and university staff to community food work—and to try to coordinate better between the many different academic programs, courses, and institutions that engage the same community groups. This project responds to requests of neighbors across St. Paul —and also to their invitations to explore with them the riches of our city’s food infrastructure: public orchards, gardens and farms, food employment and skill centers, and agro-ecological corridors fostered around and between these food hubs.

Gustavus Adolphus College, Student Affairs Department

The Bounce Resilience Project

Hamline University, Center for Learning and Teaching

Developing and Piloting an Online Internship Seminar Curriculum

Macalester College, Student Affairs Department

Training and Programs in Support of Undocumented Students


Gustavus Adolphus College, Library Department

Understanding Threshold Concepts in Undergraduate

Research and Inquiry


Gustavus Adolphus College, Nursing Department

Enhancement of the Gustavus Summer Institute of Nursing

Hamline University, Student Affairs Department 

The Green Dot Program for Campus Violence Prevention

Macalester College, Student Affairs Department

The Sustainable Student Collaboration

Gustavus Adolphus College, Student Affairs Department

The Group Coaching Health/Wellness Project

Hamline University, Alumni Affairs Department

Development of the Campus Heritage Tour

This Fund is made available through The Saint Paul Foundation