Background and Purpose

Mansergh-Stuessy Fund

The Mansergh-Stuessy Fund for College Innovation of The Saint Paul Foundation is a 1-year seed grant to encourage out-of-the-box thinking at select liberal arts colleges in Minnesota. The fund

was established in August 2011 to honor the 50th wedding

anniversary of Gerald and Nancy Stuessy Mansergh.

The Fund is intended to benefit colleges that are institutional members of the Minnesota Private College Council (MPCC) from which Mansergh-Stuessy descendants have received a baccalaureate degree:  Gustavus Adolphus College, Hamline University,
and Macalester College to date.

Funding is intended to develop and pilot test new activities that initiate or enhance college campus programs, including academic,

student life, faculty/staff, and alumni initiatives.

$2000-4000 will be awarded to each successful proposal. Multiple awards may be given each year, but not to the same institution.

Mansergh-Stuessy MPCC College Affiliations

T Dwight Stuessy, Macalester.

Athletic director, coach, professor (1946-57).

Gerald Mansergh, Hamline. BA, 1956.

Nancy Stuessy Mansergh, Macalester. BA, 1959.

Gordon Mansergh, Gustavus. BA, 1984.

Gary Mansergh, Hamline. BA, 1987.

This Fund is made available through The Saint Paul Foundation